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October 18, 2007

Well, I studied my rear off for the midterm. Seriously. I think I studied harder than I’ve ever studied before for any test. The only exception might be the Operating Systems final junior year of undergrad, but I’m pretty sure that this beats it. I started in earnest on Tuesday night (6 days before the final and 1 day after the review), and studied every night that week. Then I studied at study group Thursday and Friday from 4 to 6 as well as on my own. I studied on Saturday for about 8 hours, and I studied on Sunday for about 9 hours. I also studied on Monday before the test whenever I had a spare moment, including my lunch break. I went into the test not knowing what I’d see and expecting the worst. And before the test believe me, I had done a whole boatload of praying: all morning and during the drive over to the campus, I was praying. During the test, my Sympathetic Autonomic Nervous System was in high gear, because I was sweating like a madman!

The test was actually pretty easy. Most of the point-outs were from the slides he had given us to study and practice on, and I had gone over those slides so many times that I knew almost everything he asked. The drawings were cake because I’d drawn them over and over and over again (probably 12 times each, at least). Finally the multiple choice was easy as well, since I’d studied all of the course material many times and even had my wife quiz me several times. It was a relieving, joyous, and therapeutic time. Why therapeutic? Because it felt good and I mean really, really good to walk out of there knowing I did excellent because I’d studied (and by the grace of God).

It felt even better when I checked my grade and found out that I got an A. I think I’m going to do alright in this new field of study.