About James

James Prather is 22 years old. He is a firm believer that there is a God, and that Jesus is His son. However, as a scientist, James also believes that God wouldn’t put all this evidence in the world to “trick” us or some other nonsense, but rather for us to explore, find out, and understand. Therefore, James believes in evolution, the big bang, and other things you might not think a Christian would believe in. James believes that science can tell us the how, and the Bible can tell us the why.

In the realm of academics James graduated from Oklahoma Christian University in the spring of 2006 with a bachelors in computer science. Immediately after he got a job at Halff Associates, an engineering firm in north Dallas, TX. Starting in the fall of 2007, James will begin taking courses for his masters degree in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience at the University of Texas at Dallas. During this program he hopes to enter into the Ph.D. program of the same name.


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