End of the Semester and Summer

I know I don’t update much, but here’s a small bit about my academic life in recent past.

The semester ended with a bang. I did excellent in Atzori’s class, Cellular Neuroscience, and recieved an A (it would have been an A+ if there was such a thing in graduate school).  My presentation in Cellular went splendidly – even better than I expected.  Systems was a rough ending and almost ended badly for me.  I studied very hard for the final exam, which the professor had promised would be harder than the third test (because everyone did so well on the third test that she felt it should be harder, and it was also covering harder and more abstract material).  I scored an 88 on the final exam, which put my grade at an amazingly close 89.85 and due to the good graces of Dr. McIntyre, she rounded it up to an A! I was very worried, but thankfully it all worked out.  I still have my graduate GPA of 4.0, something I’m still fiercely proud of.

This summer I’m working in Dr. Cauller’s lab.  It’s a very interesting experience, but so far, pretty boring.  I’ve been warned that most lab work is boring.  I’ll probably post again right before the fall semester and talk about my upcoming classes.


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