So….an update…

Well, I haven’t updated in like…2 months…or more. Sad, but I’ve just been way too busy and sadly I’ve lost alot of interest in using this site for what I originally wanted to use it for, which was my own musings on Neuroscience and I trudge through graduate school. Oh well.

The semester is going great, although I’m ready for it to be over. I just read back over my January 11th post and it seems as though my predictions about this semester were correct. Systems Neuroscience has proved to be the class where I’ve learned the most, while Cellular Neuroscience has proved to be the most boring and unhelpful class I’ve taken yet. There was quite a bit of cross-over at the beginning of Systems into Cellular, and so basically anything I learned about cellular neuroscience was from Systems. My study group came through for me before the Cellular test and we were able to do really well on the test, despite Dr. Atzori’s poor teaching methods. I’m fairly certain that I did very well on that mid-term, but nearly a month later, he still hasn’t graded them. Dr. McIntyre, on the other hand, has already graded my “mid-term”, which I got a 96 on. I put quotes around it because we have 4 tests in that class and nothing truly like a mid-term or a final exam as each covers new material and is not truly comprehensive.

I’m giving my major presentation in Dr. Atzori’s class on April 9th (6 days from now) and I haven’t written it yet. I’ve read a few of the papers, but otherwise, I’m a huge procrastinator. I’ve slated it for this weekend, but my in-laws came into town this week and are staying until early Sunday, which probably means I won’t get anything done Saturday. Regardless, I’ll get the presentation done; I always do. After this presentation, I’m done in his class for the sememester and then the only thing left will be the 4th test in Systems. I’ve calculated that all I need is an 87 on the final test to secure an A in the class.

Oh, and I also got accepted in Dr. Cauller’s lab as part of my Ph.D. application. It’s a neuroprosthetics lab. So I did indeed apply for to “upgrade” to the Ph.D. program from the Masters program (which has been the plan all along), but I do not yet know about it, but I’m guessing I’ll get in. I was accepted into a lab, I had UTD faculty recommend me, and I’ve got a 4.0 graduate GPA (that still feels REALLY nice to say!). I think I’ll get in, no problem.

So that’s the last two months, at least, regarding my school. If I had actually blogged the whole way through it could have been like…12 posts. But I’m too lazy to go into all the details now…and I’m at work, so I need to wrap this up. My 15 minute break is over.


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