New Semester, New Stress

This semester I’m taking two classes and I think it will prove to be my greatest challenge yet. I think that Neuroanatomy last semester will have been tougher than both of these classes combined. However, the work load of taking 6 hours will probably kill me more than last semester. During the week when I’m not studying, I’m at work or class. This semester I’m taking:

MW 7:00pm – 8:15pm: Cellular Neuroscience with Dr. Marco Atzori
TTH 11:30am – 12:45pm: Systems Neuroscience with Dr. Christa McIntyre

Cellular appeared as if it was going to be the most interesting course I’d take this semester. However, it has turned out to be quite a disappointment. The late time at which class is held means I’m struggling to stay awake. I would not have had that problem last semester with Dr. Greenwald, but that’s because he’s a way better lecturer. Dr. Atzori is from Italy so I have to focus on what he’s saying as he says it because his accent is so thick. Also, his teaching method is horrible. He jumps around alot of doesn’t really present the information in a concise manner. Of course, he knows his stuff solid, and he seems like a pretty brilliant guy…but so far his classes are so terrible that I’ve been nodding off constantly.

As for Systems, so far it’s a good class. Dr. McIntyre is nice and helpful. Her lectures are interesting and she even cracks a joke every now and again. It appears right now that her class will be the most helpful and where I’ll learn the most. The only downside to this class is that it has to be my lunch break on those days.

So far homework is still non-existent, other than reading assignments. The most interesting thing I’ve read about recently is how action potentials are created in the body, and how the nervous system conducts electricity. Last semester in Neuroanatomy we learned about this, so I already knew about it. However, what I’m reading now is the how and why of the what that I learned last semester.

As I trudge on, I’ll update again sometime.


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