Finished At Last

The semester is over. I spent just as much time studying for the final exam as I did the mid-term. Though, the final was on the Monday after the Thanksgiving break, so my break was a rather miserable time mostly spent studying. Sure, I got to see family and friends and that was great, but the entire time I was with them I was feeling guilty for not studying. Also, my birthday was the day before the test, which meant no celebrating on that day. Instead, I got to study on my birthday. But my studygroup found out it was my birthday and they got me a cake. They’re a great bunch of people and I’m really blessed to study with them.

I studied hard, and once again it payed off. I found out from Dr. Greenwald that I made a 90 exactly on my final. That puts me at an A in the course. So, I have achieved all my goals for the semester and as of now I have a 4.0 in graduate school. My continuing goals are to keep that 4.0 throughout so I can graduate with it. I want so very desperately to be able to say when people ask that formerly dreaded question “what was your GPA?”, I can proudly respond with “4.0”.

Next semester: Cellular Neuroscience with Dr. Marco Atzori and Systems Neuroscience with Dr. Christa McIntyre. Should be fun. I’ll post more about those as I get closer. But for now, I’m on Christmas break, and enjoying it very much.


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