It’s been a while…

Well, it’s been a while since I updated because I’ve been too stinkin’ busy. I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll just start with last week’s study group meeting. It was our first study group meeting and I was afraid that I wouldn’t even be able to find the place that had been chosen, due to my lack of knowledge about the UTD campus. I got lucky and it happened to be in the first place I looked – when does that happen? Anyway, we started talking about how we wanted our study group to run and after that got down to brass tax. It turns out that I didn’t know near enough, but that wasn’t really any surprise at all.

So, Sunday afternoon I studied very hard and memorized the 12 cranial nerves and the Circle of Willis. Tonight I’ll review that and try my hand at memorizing some of the things about the spine from class this Monday.

Class on Monday was interesting, as always. But the prof couldn’t post his lecture slides on the web due to a glitch in the system UTD uses, so I had to take notes out longhand, which was literally a pain (in my wrist). We talked about spinal cord organization and I soaked up quite a bit of the information. I don’t know it my understanding was due to preparation before class or having to take notes the way I did in my spiral notebook, but something was working great.

Tonight is studying, and then tomorrow is study group. Hopefully I will feel more on top of the material by Thursday evening. During study group one of the girls is going to have slides and we’ll do our own point-outs. That should help me know what I need to work on thus far.


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